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Forster Products, a highly regarded manufacturer of quality reloading and gunsmithing tools, takes pride in personalized attention and their ability to answer a wide range of inquiries from its loyal customer base. When incoming phone calls began to exceed staff capacity, they needed a way to continue their high level of support without jeopardizing customer service.


Recognizing the power of visual communication, M45 proposed capturing frequently asked product questions to create short, easy-to-understand and informative videos for Forster Products’ website and YouTube. M45 developed a series of educational videos that feature specific product details and application tips to enhance consumer understanding and interest while also providing an efficient way to cross-sell related products. The result? A decrease in the number and length of incoming calls, increased customer respect and appreciation, all while reinforcing their image as a leading expert in their category.


Strategy development
Graphic design
Project planning and management

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Quick Facts

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Videos demonstrate correct product usage and increases cross-selling opportunities

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Consumers confirm value via 163,000+ views over the last five years

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Forster grows reputation for educating both novice and expert reloaders

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