Our Culture: The Driver of Success.

At M45 Marketing, we’re driven by a relentless desire to conquer marketing and business challenges. Our work environment is all about combining professionalism with a dash of fun, fostering creativity, and encouraging collaboration. We empower every team member to have a genuine impact on your business. Meet our team!

The Brains (left and right)

Durein Mark 02a

Mark Durein

Owner & President

Boss man, Husker fan, steady hand. Cali boy turned Midwesterner. Focused on the future. Twin (yes, there are two of him). Tall kid on campus. AKA the leader of the pack.

Barthel Andrea 02

Andrea Barthel

Special Projects

Quick-fix queen, Google analytics goddess, Web Wonder Woman, and designer diva. Foster mom, supportive ally, and enthusiastic cat woman. Enjoys a classic Friends reference.

Becker Mindy 03a

Mindy Becker


Graphics guru and dazzling designer. Makes video editing seem like a walk in the park. Modest and easy going. Sees the moment and seizes the moment. Creative Pinterest Mom.

Bull Lisa 01a

Lisa Bull

Finance and Operations

Excel and Advantage monster. Sayer of “Everything deserves a spreadsheet.” Resource person and PTO prez. Loves to read. Loves to swim. Loves to laugh. (Did we say that she loves to read?)

Coduto Tony 01

Tony Coduto


Art producer, imaginative thinker. Photoshop king, wizard, magician, genius, and sovereign ruler. Bleeds Cubbie blue. May or may not be friends with Bill Murray. Definitely a strong creative. WABDL Hall-of-Famer. Turtle Whisperer.

Feltmeyer Amanda 02a

Amanda Feltmeyer


Digital dynamo and director of first impressions. Artistic and creative collaborator. Would prefer to be on lake time. Livin’ the kid mom/dog mom life. The “Cammanda.”

Furlong Stacey 01

Stacey Furlong

Special Projects

A human database that turns chaos into calm. Makes even organized people feel disorganized. Diligent traffic control (but sweet about it). A quiet giant.

Hagemann Tara

Tara Hagemann

Project Manager

Farm girl keeping it all together. Shutterbug. Wrangles cows, pixels, and projects in the same day. Gluten-free recipe finder and Starbucks lover.

Hartman Annette

Annette Hartman


Driven, dedicated, and diligent client advocate. Ideas for days. Imaginative perfectionist. Family-oriented boy mom who thinks Golden Retrievers are golden. Baseball fan and sun finder. Goes a mile a millisecond.

Lessman Barb 01

Barb Lessman

Project Manager

The original Barbie. Always willing to help (as long as she has had her coffee). Knowledgeable, approachable, and resourceful. Natural teacher and “knows-what’s-going-on” gal.

Mantua Leslie 02

Leslie Mantua

Finance & Operations

Accounting wizard, Excel guru, and part of the M45 OG. Knows where all the fun is, and goes where all the fun is. Often found at a brewery or winery. Keeper of the chocolate.

Mcelroy Lori 01

Lori McElroy


M45 South design queen. Brand developer, team player, and creative thinker. Adept and autonomous. If you hear her laugh you love her. Seer of the big picture.

Mcnutt Kaitlyn 02a

Kaitlyn McNutt

Marketing Administrator

George of the M45 jungle. Kind-hearted minimalist who is organized to the max. List keeper, multi-tasker, party starter. Proud mama and football wife. Team Social.

Nieman Kenzie 03

Kenzie Nieman

Project Manager

Creative collaborator, successful multi-tasker, and trend-setting fashionista. Thinks you might as well be chic while you work. Actually drinks eight glasses of water a day, but known for a glass half full. Good vibes only.

Willging Pete

Pete Willging

Client Manager

Thoughtful, focused, rational, and hard-working. Voted most likely to forget his coffee mug in the breakroom, but remember his beer for the front porch. Road runner and guitar hero. Also known for corralling cats.

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