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The focus for FHN, a premier hospital and healthcare organization in northwest Illinois, is to deliver quality healthcare through its highly-skilled workforce – a dynamic mixture of in-house employees and outside experts. Staffing a fully functioning marketing department that is up-to-date and current with the latest methods and trends proved to be difficult due to fluctuating seasonal needs and internal priorities based on filling healthcare positions, not building marketing expertise.


M45 assumed the full responsibilities of FHN’s marketing department nearly 20 years ago, including marketing expertise from public relations to e-media tactics to complete departmental budget management. M45 team members are respected as full FHN partners, including attendance in regular meetings with executive staff members and leadership teams. This partnership allows FHN to focus on healthcare and patient outcomes while trusting experienced M45 team members to concentrate on promoting all of the healthcare organization’s capabilities, services, staff, new technologies, events, education/trainings and more.


Strategy development
Budget management
Messaging and positioning
Event planning and management
Project planning and management

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Quick Facts

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M45 delivers FHN complete, competitive marketing support with a fresh, impartial perspective

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Comprehensive range of marketing expertise provides fast, flexible and efficient marketing

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Marketing planning and budget management ensures FHN’s goals are supported by projects that are timely and cost-effective

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