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In early 2020, COVID-19 was a rapidly evolving health concern with ever-changing facts and inaccurate information. FHN, a premier hospital and health organization in northwest Illinois, was faced with two daunting challenges: providing its essential workers with education on safe working environments for themselves and patients, and equipping the community with facts, not fear. Implementation in all cases needed to be accurate and rapid.


M45 helped establish FHN as an early, trusted voice for correct COVID-19 information applicable to its diverse service areas. Recognizing the importance of impartiality, M45 prioritized vetted content, steering clear of political or partisan influence. Content from leading US and international healthcare organizations was continuously reviewed for information pertinent to FHN’s community. This vital health news was then regularly distributed with the help of M45 for over a year in easily digestible pieces such as overall policies, radio interviews, videos for staff and community, website content, social media, emails, instructions, and signage.


Strategy development
Market definition
Design and illustration
Social media management
Public relations
Project planning and management

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Quick Facts

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FHN positioned as a trusted source in the community amidst rapidly changing information

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Staff and patient concerns supported in a time of high stress and confusion

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Videos, social media, website, press releases, and many others – communicated facts over rumors

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