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Computer Dynamics is well-known for their trusted managed services and computer support throughout northwest Illinois and southern Wisconsin but were not turning that reputation into as much new business as they knew they deserved. The answer? Increase their customer base in small to mid-sized businesses using a logical, disciplined, creative approach that appealed to those businesses.


M45 recommended and completed a thorough business review with both a SWOT analysis and customer survey to measure Computer Dynamics’ own internal perceptions with those of their existing customers. This comprehensive assessment was the foundation for a complete marketing plan with goals and strategies to effectively target the desired audiences along with a refreshed image and new messaging. Tactics included referral programs, digital marketing, Google Ads, postcard campaigns, and more, all of which were tracked and adjusted as needed throughout their campaigns.


Strategy development
Marketing plan development
Target market definition
Brand analysis
Analytics and marketing intelligence
Messaging and positioning
Project management and implementation

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Quick Facts

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SWOT analysis identifies new differentiators for internal process adjustments and positive marketing outreach

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Customer satisfaction survey reveals valued capabilities to use for promotion and marketing

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Comprehensive marketing plan provides analysis and direction for growing customer base

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