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As a premiere custom-cutting tool manufacturer, Proto-Cutter has a superior reputation based on its high-quality standards, unmatched customer service and fast lead times. To increase business, they wanted to expand beyond their Illinois borders and attract potential customers not familiar with their capabilities with cost-effective, creative marketing tactics.


M45 proposed an innovative way to get in front of customers rather than the traditional emails and tradeshows with which Proto-Cutter was more familiar: a push, lead-generation Google Ads campaign. This efficient and cost-effective promotion spread Proto-Cutter’s message to key manufacturing states outside Illinois in geographical areas that match their customer profiles. M45 created targeted ad messages to potential customers that best met the client’s criteria to convert them into actual customers, and were adjusted as needed based on real-time metrics.


Strategy development
Target market definition
Competitor analysis
Project management and implementation

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Quick Facts

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Carefully chosen product ad groups are segmented to match typical customer online search criteria

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Call-only, dynamic and traditional search ads are designed to engage potential customers

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Digital metrics provide real-time feedback to allow for quicker discussion and decisions based on customer requirements

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