About M45
Whether your business needs just a new look or a completely new outlook, we can help. M45 Marketing Services is a full-service agency that can integrate all aspects of your company’s marketing efforts from strategic planning to product documentation to social media. We will help you meet your business objectives using our creativity, experience, and enthusiasm. And we also believe that “nice matters” – we work to make every encounter a pleasant and professional one. M45 was founded in 2001 by Marilyn Smit and Joe Vaske, and we are proud to be going strong after more than 15 years of delighting our customers.

Why Choose M45

At M45, you’ll find the kind of thinking that generates ideas, uncovers opportunities and solves your problems. We offer you one-stop expertise to best promote your products to a diverse audience. In a nutshell, we give you the edge you need to win today. You get stellar ideas, down-to-earth solutions.

  • Dedication and commitment: We take things personally: Your work is our work. We’re committed to delighting you!
  • Team players: Our staff is experienced in working with clients’ existing marketing departments, and are often seen as an extension to in-house capabilities. We quickly learn your products, services, applications, audiences, competitors, industries served, brand standards, and internal processes.
  • Very responsive: We stay on top of projects and provide very quick turn-around as needed.
  • Creative communications: We’re creative – in all ways, not just design and copy, but also in our approach to solving your problems and tackling your challenges.
  • Non-traditional agency services: Whatever type of creative marketing support your business needs, we can provide it, including non-traditional agency services such as strategic planning, marketing-related training (media training, etc.), staff/employee/sales channel communications, research (primary and secondary), and technical communications.
  • Superior technical expertise: Unlike many traditional advertising agencies, our technical writing/design team is very astute at creating technical literature that is concise, visually appealing, and easy to understand.
  • Growth oriented: We continually look for opportunities to help you grow your business.
  • Location: Our central Midwest location allows us to respond quickly to on-site meetings with you in addition to meetings conducted via phone/web conferencing.

Focus Areas

It's our business to understand your business! We've become very good at developing an understanding of a wide range of industries. Over the years, our work has primarily focused on these key areas for which we have developed both broad and deep comprehension and appreciation: industrial / manufacturing, healthcare, alternative energy, and travel / entertainment. However, our skills and capabilities are easily transferable – we learn quickly. So if you don’t fit into one of these areas – not a problem. We’ll tailor ourselves into a perfect fit for YOU!

Our Clients

Our solution-oriented approach has helped clients large and small achieve their business objectives. Our major relationships include these clients:

  • Global Fortune 50 sensing and switch manufacturer
  • Global Fortune 50 electrical distribution / manufacturer
  • Global air-moving products and industrial compressors manufacturer
  • Global leader in residential and commercial garage door manufacturing
  • Global manufacturer of vibration energy harvesting products
  • Global leader in forklift manufacturing
  • Global reloading and gunsmithing tools manufacturer
  • Global controls and drive products manufacturer
  • Global translation company
  • National leader in comprehensive orthopaedic services
  • National hospitality management and development company
  • National electronic products manufacturer
  • National electrical energy solutions company
  • Regional ethanol production facility
  • Regional hospital network
  • Regional HVAC supplier
  • Local parks and recreation district, convention and visitors bureau, library, foundations, and more

What’s M45?
M45 is the scientific moniker for the Pleiades constellation, the brightest star cluster that can be seen from earth without a telescope. Like that constellation, M45 is made up of bright stars – our people!

M45 Stars
Our “stars” are ready to shine for you! The M45 team is made up of a fun group of experienced professionals who collectively bring years of varied experience to develop stellar creative ideas and down-to-earth solutions to benefit all of our clients.

Team Members

Team Member How we can help YOU!
Barb Aaby Account management, business development, project planning
Andrea Barthel Project development, graphic design, copywriting and editing
Mindy Becker Graphic and web design, video, photography
Lisa Bull Administrative and project support
Tony Coduto Graphic and web design
Mark Durein Owner/president, account supervision, business development, strategic planning
Kathryn Evans Technical communications
Stacey Furlong Special projects
Tara Hagemann Photography, digital marketing, web development
Annette Hartman Technical communications, graphic design, public relations
Ann Ibarra Account management, business development, project planning
Barb Lessman Event planning, promotional communications, public relations
Leslie Mantua Accounting, traffic production, administrative and project support
Lori McElroy Graphic and web design
Paula Routson Special projects
Mary Schneider Account management, business development, project planning, research
Steve Wheelock Special projects
Pete Willging Account management, project planning

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us. We look forward to learning more about YOU! Let’s chat – contact us today!